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I host my emails on Google Apps. I have three domains there.

The problem is every single email I send from any of these domains, when sent to gmail, are marked as spam.

  • I have configured the SPF entries, and they all include a txt entry with ~all
  • I have checked blacklists and my domains/ip are not included there.

  • I have also tried using the smtp option on Google apps using or the native option.

Both options do not work.

Any ideas?

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When mail from your domain hits my server, I do a lookup to see if the name and the IP match. If they don't, I reject the mail as spam. Check PTR (rDNS) for MX. – goblinbox Mar 14 '12 at 1:28
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It seems I have found the answer.

Gmail does not like having two "include" entries on the SPF.

I had two servers there, and noticed that although all spam checkers/blacklist passed, told me the SPF as "Error while analyzing SPF data"

I removed one and left only the google one, and it seems to be working now

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 v=spf1 a mx ~all

Which is a bit different than what Google says. Add this and It will work fine now.

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