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So I've got to somehow generate IOPs using some prehistoric metrics used in IOmeter (which can't run in a 64bit ubuntu environment)

The settings used in IOmeter are:

16K block size, 
75% read to 25% write ratio, 
with 80% random distribution.

How would I replicate that using something like fio or $other_tool?

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fio comes with examples (in /usr/share/doc/fio/examples on my system). There is even one for IOmeter:

jed@test$ cat /usr/share/doc/fio/examples/iometer-file-access-server 
# This job file tries to mimic the Intel IOMeter File Server Access Pattern
description=Emulation of Intel IOmeter File Server Access Pattern

# IOMeter defines the server loads as the following:
# iodepth=1     Linear
# iodepth=4     Very Light
# iodepth=8     Light
# iodepth=64    Moderate
# iodepth=256   Heavy

If you like the settings in there, you can probably just run

fio /usr/share/doc/fio/examples/iometer-file-access-server

If you want different settings, then copy the file, edit it, and enjoy.

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