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I was wondering what alternatives to DFS-R are out there on windows machines for real-time bidirectional file & folder replication? DFS-R requires active directory and a domain controller which I don't want utilize in this particular environment.



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I'm just researching this subject too, so far found following: Global Space WAFLS, Peer Lock there is also interesting discussion in comments under this article:… – toffitomek May 16 '12 at 9:26
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I'm using Software Pursuits SureSync to keep a production and standby spare file server hosting roughly 2TB of data in sync at one Customer site. I'm using it in a unidirectional capacity but I know that it supports bidirectional sync (and delta compression, and using the NTFS change journal, and a host of other features). There is an add-on lock manager available that, I would suspect you might also need. I've been very happy with the software (we've been using it for roughly 6 years) and, with a couple of issues that the manufacturer addressed, it has been very stable and reliable.

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Thanks for the suggestion, will definitely look at it. Did you ever experience any file corruption, etc.? Also, do you have any experience as to how it compares to DFS-R? – TJF Mar 15 '12 at 13:47
We use SureSync for replication to a "standby" file server, which is used as the source for tape backups and can have its name / IP swapped with the production file server at a moment's notice. Because we're using only unidirectional replication I would expect the chances to file corruption to be much less than in a bidirectional sync environment. I have no direct comparisons with DFS-R, unfortunately. – Evan Anderson Mar 15 '12 at 15:00

I would also say that, depending on your needs, you could try command-line options of Beyond Compare (the Pro / paid version) - supposedly, it can do two-way and/or "mesh synch" (multi-tiered merges of different file locations).

Additionally, please don't forget the old tried-and-true (and free) Robocopy.

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