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I use iis7 , wff, arr to setup a web farm. On one web farm controller, the "ready for load balancing" of every content server turn yes almost immediately.

I use another machine to be the web farm controller, then the "ready for load balancing" of every content server are all no (and I wait for a long time, say 8 hours).

The first machine is my developping machine, I've installed a bunch of software. The second machine is my server, only iis7, wff, arr, .net 3.5,.net 4 is installed. Is there any other software should be installed on the second machine to make the web farm controller to work right! Any help, thanks!

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Are the first web-farm controller and the web-farm located off-site and in a different IP net? if so, do you use a VPN or similar or how do you connect to the web-farm from your second machine? – Thor Erik Mar 15 '12 at 10:43
Would VPN in that scenario slow things down? – AlexVPerl Jan 10 at 8:29

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