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I am tring to install postgresql-8.3.7 into Debian Squeeze OS. It is throws me following error. unmet dependency libkrb53, libpq5 . Whether postgresql-8.3.7 is compatible with Debian Squeeze operating system. If it is compatible, what should I do to install postgresql-8.3.7 . Please suggest any idea.

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It's a known problem in ubuntu, the name of libkrb53 changed to libkrb5-3. I suggest you download and install the library from this link, this is how someone solved it in ubuntu. If it still gives you an error, make a symlink pointing to libkrb5-3 called libkrb53.

You can get libpq5 from here.

Although your best option is to go with the latest version of Postgres from the repo's unless you really need that version.

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Postgresql 8.3.7 is not in the sqeeze version, it is postgresql 8.4. So how do you install this specific version ? Why don't install the last release with apt-get install postgresql ?

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I added lenny packages cd's in the synaptic package manager. – Pavunkumar Mar 15 '12 at 12:42
Could you go to postgresql 8.4 ? – Dom Mar 15 '12 at 13:05

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