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I'm trying to configure both HTTP and HTTPS on thin. I have this configuration file:

environment: production
port: 9292
chdir: /home/[user]/[mySinatraAPP]
pid: tmp/ 
log: server.log 
max_conns: 1024 
timeout: 30 
max_persistent_conns: 512 
daemonize: true

I activate the ssl option with:

thin -C thin.yaml start --ssl

But it only activates HTTPS and not HTTP. Any idea of the path I can follow?

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How about two thin processes? One without --ssl, and hence bound to port 80, and the other with --ssl and bound to port 443?

To be honest, I'd probably be more tempted to use Apache as a reverse proxy between the users and thin, and then have 2 virtualhost sections in your apache configuration.

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Thanks. It work great. – rodchile Mar 16 '12 at 15:05

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