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I have VPN tunnel between two computers and through WinSCP (or any other SFTP client) I can access shared folders. Is it possible to access them outside the SFTP client (in the OS)? I have to access them with powershell script. Thank you

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If you have a VPN tunnel, you could just map the share using CIFS or NFS. – uSlackr Mar 16 '12 at 16:05

The OS won't natively support functions such as mapping a drive to an sftp share.

You can use a third party tool to map drives to sftp servers (eg Expandrive or Webdrive).

In PowerShell, you can either use third party cmdlets, such as ActiveSockets or NetCmdlets.

Otherwise, I can only think of using PowerShell with the Invoke-Item CmdLet to call Cygwin's sftp.exe or some other Windows sftp client.

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Thank you, Adam. I prefer no third party solution. The NetCmdlets looks great, but it's sad that I missed the christmas free version and I don't have time to wait while our company buy license. Is it possible to do it with IIS? I have windows 2003 server and IIS6, but I am afraid that IIS6 doesn't support SFTP. – culter Mar 16 '12 at 14:26
No, IIS doesn't add any support for SFTP, I'm afraid. You could use Cygwin to provide an ssh/sftp service running on Windows. Otherwise, Netcmdlets has a free trial version, which might work for you whilst you wait for corporate accounting to pay for the full version. – Adam Thompson Mar 16 '12 at 15:39

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