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When I set up email redirects within Plesk 9.5, Spamassassin ignores all emails sent to the redirected address and only scans emails that are sent directly to the address which has a mailbox.

Steps to reproduce

Set up two mail accounts: mailbox@domain.com as a proper email account with a mailbox and redirect@domain.com with all emails redirected to mailbox@domain.com. (It doesn't make a difference, if redirect@domain.com has a mailbox enabled or not.)

redirect@domain.com -> mailbox@domain.com

Set up the spam filter on both accounts. I set mine to delete spam right away, but you can just keep the default ("mark as spam").

Now, when you send an emails to mailbox@domain.com, it will have Spamassassins tags in the email header, but when you send emails to redirect@domain.com, they will end up in the same mailbox but will have no spamassassin tags in the emails header and they will not be scanned.

Other notes

I am using Plesk 9.5.4 on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS with the default Qmail.

I've observed this bug since Plesk 8, but I can't stand it any more and would appreciate any hack or fix.

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