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Is there any possible way how to simulate different system time for application/ service ? I need to send for ex. date 20.4.2012 to one app, but need to have real date and time set in windows.

Thanks a lot

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I believe your simplest option would be virtualization - simply create (another) virtualized container with the desired date/time settings and run your app there.

Other options like intercepting / overloading / shadowing system calls for date and time retrieval may exist in theory, but I would not be aware of any practical implementation - especially since this seems like a specific border use case.

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There isn't enough information here to give a definitive answer.

The key issue is where does your app get its date/time values from? If it's from Windows, then the only way to do this is to change the Windows date.

Of course, it might get its date/time data from elsewhere, unlikely but possible. In which case, there may be other options.

But assuming it gets the information straight from Windows, the only alternative is to either change the server date, or run the software on another Server/VM where you CAN change the date.

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