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I originally had 2 x 72.8 GB hard drives installed and set up as RAID 0+1 then I added another 4 x 72.8 GB hard drives and it can still only see 2. That applies with both the inbuilt configuration (F8 on startup) and ACU under Windows. What to do?

When I received the DL385 it had no hard drives but did have 4 blanks. That tells me it must have had 2 hard drives in its previous life.

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Can you provide a screenshot? – ewwhite Mar 20 '12 at 5:26
I will do that. Also when I bought the server it had no hard drives and 4 blank caddys so I figure it must have had 2 drives before. I have tried resetting NVRAM and RBSU also ACU from the Smartstart CD all to no avail. It still only sees 2 physical drives. – Barry Mar 20 '12 at 9:10

Have you verified that the bays in the chassis are connected to the raid controller? Some of the HP's that I have bought didn't ship with the internal sas cable to connect the card to the bays, it was an add on item. For us it was the last 2 bays in a dl360.

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I discovered there was a cable missing on the SCSI backplane. The backplane can be configured for simplex or duplex. In simplex the one controller does for 6 drives. In duplex one controller does for 2 drives and another for the other 4 drives. I borrowed a cable from a DL380 and now it can see all 6 drives.

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