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I'm trying to get Thunderbird working in such a way that it will properly work with Kolab groupware. For that I need it to be in a fixed setup of Thunderbird and add-ons (Lightning, SyncKolab) without automatic updates and I need to present version of Thunderbird to be available for the users.

What I hope to achieve is that the repository for Thunderbird as it is now on will be available on my local server so I always use that version even if Thunderbird goes to a new stable version.

What I hope to achieve is this: - I copy the content of to my server - I make it available as a repository on my network

I neither know if this is possible or allowed under the license etc.

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Mirroring an APT repository is certainly possible and there are many different procedures to do it. You could do something as simple as a recursive wget to grab the contents, and then server it with a local web server. But there are also many tools already available to do this as well. You could use a tool like apt-mirror and so on. Just do a search for 'APT mirror' for lots of guides about the possible procedures.

As for your question about legality, that is off-topic here. You should read the copyright file included within every package and determine if you are complying with the terms yourself. If you have any legal questions, then consult a lawyer.

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Thanks for your reply. The legal part wasn't actually a question (although I did put it there like that) more of remark on the side (btw it is legal). My bad. It seems the apt-mirror will do it, I just need to make sure there are no automatic updates to the local repository. Shouldn't be complicated. – Erwin Blonk Mar 23 '12 at 9:38

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