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I have a Bacula setup with 9 clients, and it's working happily. Today I had to add another client, so I went and copied+adapted the existing configuration files from another client, but when I schedule a job for the new client, I get these errors:

20-Mar 17:50 tools-dir JobId 39: Start Backup JobId 39, Job=BackupPresenze2.2012-03-20_17.50.49_04
20-Mar 17:50 tools-dir JobId 39: Using Device "FileStorage"
20-Mar 17:50 presenze2-fd JobId 39: Fatal error: Failed to connect to Storage daemon: bacula.mylan.local:9103
20-Mar 17:50 tools-dir JobId 39: Fatal error: Bad response to Storage command: wanted 2000 OK storage
, got 2902 Bad storage

From the client I can telnet to bacula.mylan.local:9103 just fine, and jobs for other clients work successfully... What could I check?
(Server and client run Ubuntu 10.04, if it's relevant)

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It looks like it was a "slow DNS" kind of problem... I added the hostname to /etc/hosts and now Bacula works happily.

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