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We have a new VPN to let all users connect to the company's applications through it (inside the company net).

We have a lot of users using the SonicWALL Client and we want to allow them use Internet.

The problem is that we don't want them to use the VPN for this traffic (I mean they should go out to Internet throught their own Internet provider at home).

I supose this is a client configuration but I can't realize what it is... Thanks in advance!!

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On the Sonicwall router, browse to VPN and edit the "Group VPN" policy. You want to make sure that "Allow Connections to:" is set to "Split Tunnels" and that the "Default Gateway" box is unchecked:

Sonicwall VPN configuration page

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That's already done :-( Thanks for your answer ;-). Any other idea? – zapico Mar 20 '12 at 18:08
That answer is pretty much it. It's how I have configured it and it prevents users from using the VPN connection by default for their internet browsing. If you really want you can create some custom firewall rules to disallow traffic, but afaik sonicwall takes care of that on its own already. – aseq Mar 20 '12 at 19:07
Can't realize what's happening. This rule means every connection will "try" it throught the VPN and, after that, it will connect throught the user's Internet provider?? – zapico Mar 20 '12 at 19:11

I had the same problem as zapico. I already changed "Allow connections to" to "Split tunnels" and disabled "Set default route as this gateway", but the SonicWALL VPN client still used the VPN connection as the default gateway.

After some trying I found out that it depends on the "VPN Client Access Networks" configured in User -> Local users -> Edit user -> VPN access. I just chose one internal network and it worked fine.

Internal network traffic goes through VPN and all internet traffic uses the internet connection.

Hope this helps.

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