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Ok, this is a strange one that I'm having trouble replicating letting alone solving. I have a user who uses two computers (both XP sp3) on the domain with a roaming profile. She has no problems on her personal computer but occasionally needs to use a shared computer. On this shared computer she is sometimes (~once a week) unable to login with the error message "Username or password incorrect. Check username password and domain and try again."

I've checked when this happens and her username and password are indeed entered correctly. Now the strange part - if someone else logs in to the computer (which so far always works) and then logs out she is able to log in after that.

This problem began after a recent and long overdue password change.

I've tried to replicate this problem after a reboot, or after another user logs out to no avail.

Any suggestions on troubleshooting or replicating this one? Anyone experienced something similar?

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Already verified the clocks to be in sync to each other between workstation and DC? Have you looked in depth in the local computers event viewer to see if it gives any other errors during the same moment the user can't login? – Regan Nov 6 '13 at 11:04

XP has a copy of stored passwords. I guess thats what is conflicting in your case. Try and remove all stored passwords of hers from that computer for a change. Foir a starter use the link below:

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I think this is unrelated. This computer is a member of the domain. Regardless when this is happening even her old password won't work. – Josh Mar 21 '12 at 13:14

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