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I installed Heartbeat on my Centos Linux and it seems to partially work..but I'm trying to monitor a service with no success. only when I reboot the main server the backup server takes over. in the logs I get :

heartbeat[30476]: 2012/03/20_18:51:57 WARN: string2msg_ll: node [node1] failed authentication
heartbeat[30476]: 2012/03/20_18:51:58 WARN: string2msg_ll: node [node02] failed authentication

the authkeys is identical (copied from one to another). this is my

logfile /var/log/ha-log
logfacility local0
keepalive 2
deadtime 30
initdead 120
bcast eth0
udpport 694
auto_failback on

haresources : aim chat

any idea how to fix the problem so if a service stops the other server take over Thanks! E.

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You are using the heartbeat v1 syntax. If you use that here will be no monitoring (per default). If you want monitoring as well you will have to convert to v2 syntax (XML) and will have to add monitoring methods.

Some other notes about your configuration:

  • Auto-failback is never a good idea. You can create a nice "ping pong" with that
  • Broadcasting in not a good idea with just two nodes. Use ucast instead.
  • Just a single network connection? Have fun with lots of split-brains.

Now back to your initial question: This looks as if other nodes (from different clusters?) try to communicate on the same broadcast-IP and the same UDP-port.

"Your" nodes are "" and "" - you see two other nodes ("node1" and "node02").

  • Use different UDP-ports for every cluster
  • Use unicast instead of broadcast (see above).

Update: How to configure unicast:

RTFM (read the fine manual) from rpm -qd|grep "":

#       Set up a unicast / udp heartbeat medium
#       ucast [dev] [peer-ip-addr]
#       [dev]           device to send/rcv heartbeats on
#       [peer-ip-addr]  IP address of peer to send packets to
#ucast eth0
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Thanks!! I'm trying to change it and I get the following Error: [FAILED] heartbeat[22579]: 2012/03/21_07:43:04 ERROR: Illegal directive [unicast] in /etc/ha.d/ heartbeat[22579]: 2012/03/21_07:43:04 ERROR: Heartbeat not started: configuration error. heartbeat[22579]: 2012/03/21_07:43:04 ERROR: Configuration error, heartbeat not started. – edotan Mar 21 '12 at 8:15
@EladDotan I updated my answer. In you case you have to provide two lines: ucast eth0 ucast eth0 – Nils Mar 21 '12 at 21:21

To monitor and failover services (and not just boxes), you will need the full Pacemaker/Corosync/Heartbeat setup, not just basic Heartbeat. If you're using haresources, you're using basic Heartbeat.

Installation from EPEL can be found here:

The ClusterLabs wiki will have other documentation on configuring Pacemaker for specific services.

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