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I have a question about configuration of bind for domain and subdomain.

For example, I have the main domain of "example.lcl", and under that I have the subdomain of "alpha.example.lcl" at site A and "beta.example.lcl" at site B.

The Linux DNS server at site A is authoritative for "example.lcl" and "alpha.example.lcl".

I was wondering how the zone should be configured and how the forward and reverse lookup zone files should be configured.

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Can you clarify what aspects you're unclear on - the ideal delegation or master/slave structure, or actually configuring the zones and zone files on each server? – Shane Madden Mar 21 '12 at 1:57

If you are looking to delegate beta.example.lcl to different DNS servers, use NS records in the example.lcl zone like so:

@  IN A
alpha IN A

beta IN NS
beta IN NS

on the other hand, if you want to keep everything on your existing DNS servers, and you can make alpha and beta hostnames under one zone:

@ IN A
alpha IN A

beta IN A

and so on...

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