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We have many clients on a cPanel server, some of which also have SSL certificates setup. Each year when the renewals are sent to webmaster@ their domain we would like a copy of those emails so we can install the SSL certifciate for them and issue invoices etc.

I'm thinking that if an email is sent to webmaster@domain and the subject contains "ssl", then forward to ssl@ourdomain.com.

So I'm wondering if there is a way within cPanel that we can selectively or conditionally forward certain emails if they match certain rules?

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If you mean using cPanel's Forwarder (in Mail) then no, there isn't. Its not supposed to be used for this. There might be some kind of cPanel plugin that does this. Kind of like the anti-spam one.

But, i know its not what you are asking, but I wouldn't do this. This is a huge invasion of privacy of your customers.

The emails are per annum, so just write down when they expire and contact your customers pro-actively instead. "Your SSL cert is about to expire, we can help! yadda yadda" you can even do this automagically with a small table and a php page... you could even "harvest" the certs off of your customers webs and get the expire date from there.

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Thanks Rostol. We're finding many of our clients don't understand the importance of SSL's, and through their inaction they let the SSL's expire. We're already putting systems in place like you suggested to provide an early warning system, but we wish to simplify the renewal process so very little effort is required from them. –  Wireblue Mar 21 '12 at 23:28

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