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Hi all I would ask anyone what is the best layer 2 medium for heartbeat in Linux and how it's best configured.

More precisely I've been thinking about a dedicated NIC for that purpose but then i thought that if a switch breaks then i would loose the heartbeat connection for most of the cluster and STONITH 'BUM'!!! Will probably loose my job after :)

Distributing the heartbeat onto the main NICs of every node trough a vif sounds reasonable but im not sure if this is the best option (at least the switches are redundant to some extent).

Is it possible to use heartbeat over a bonded interface and that sounds reasonable? Do you have any other tip/solution for that issue?

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I am using keepalived over bonded interfaces. Each slave interface is connected to a different switch. When one interface/switch fails, the other interface/switch should be enough. When both interfaces fail, the VIP is shifted to the other node in the cluster. Keepalived is another HA solution similar to heartbeat.

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Thanks, thinking about it sounds reasonable I've never tried keepalived but will give it a shot later. – Martino Dino Mar 21 '12 at 10:49
I am not suggesting you to change to keepalived. I am just describing my case. You can choose any of them. – Khaled Mar 21 '12 at 10:51

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