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I have two Linux Active/Passive nodes on which i have the same simple processing application(not webapp). I just need to have a HA cluster when one machine is down the application on the second takes the job. I don't want that both application runs at the same time. I need someting like Node A is down, Node P notices that, the P becomes the A then begins to process.

How can i do it ?


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Heartbeat would work perfectly. You can also pair it up with DRBD to ensure that data is kept synchronised.

There is a good guide on How To Forge for an NFS server, but you can change it to suit whatever app you are running. The ha.d and resource.d dirs will allow you to execute your own start/stop failover scripts.


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+1 for linking reading material. – msanford Sep 24 '12 at 19:25

Well, there's Heartbeat, or nowadays called Corosync exactly for that. With two nodes it's very simple to set up.

Take a look at Linux-HA page and get back here if you do have something to ask.

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Thank for replies. – kod canavari Mar 22 '12 at 21:19

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