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I just setted up a IPSEC lan to lan ipsec connection and since our local ip ranges colide with the remote network, I setted the local ip in the VPN police to be our external wan ip.

The vpn tunnel is created with success and I was able to ping the remote server on the remote network but unable to create a telnet connection or open a remote desktop connection to the server.

I found out, with wireshark, that I was able to receive the ping replies but no replies for any other kind of connection. I talked with the network admins on the remote network and they informed me of a very strange behavior:

  • For each ICMP packet I sent they received two, one with my external IP and one with my internal IP and they replied to the one with the external IP and thats why I see a ping reply
  • Any other kind of connection is received with my local IP and so discarded and not replied.

This router(RV220W) doenst have telnet access, all the setup must be done with the horrible web interface.

Anyone knows what must be done so the remote network receives my packets only with my external IP and only once and not the same packet twice with diferent IP's?


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