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I'm trying to redirect abc.php to another URL that's also a rewrite, it does seem to be picked up, but redirects to abc.php in another folder, which means that it hits the main application logic, which it should not since the rewrite URL skips the main application.

RewriteRule ^abc.php$ some/other/rewritten/url/we/want/to/redirect/to [NC]

I'd appreciate any suggestions.

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Can you clarify what your other rules look like? – Shane Madden Mar 22 '12 at 2:27
What do you want to do more than this? If it's modified without redirect, you'll be sure that, with your rewriterule, abc.php will be rewritten internally, and it will be treated like if it were some/other/rewritten/url/we/want/to/redirect/to. I don't know what you want more than this ;). – Olivier Pons Mar 22 '12 at 9:29
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To answer my own question. There was an issue with some sub-directories having their own .htaccess that I've managed to overlook. The rule was otherwise working ok.

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