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Yesterday, we updated cPanel to version 11.32.2 (build 8). After the update, the MySQL server went down and it doesn't restart. MySQL is down now. MySQL version is 5.5.

I tried to reinstall MySQL, but it didn't work. The server is based on CentOS.

What can we do?

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Check the system logs and the database's logs for more detailed errors? – Bart Silverstrim Mar 22 '12 at 12:03

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Start by checking the MySQL error log, whilst attempting to start MySQL

tail -n100 -F /var/lib/mysql/*.err

Then in another session,

service mysql start

That will give you a rough indication of why it is failing to start. It could be anything at this stage,

  1. Full /var partition
  2. /tmp partition non-writable (or too small)
  3. ulimit too restrictive for open_files or memory
  4. Crashed/faulty/broken tables

My advice would be to consult a professional, this is a Q&A site and your question is far too localised to have value/relevance to other users (without more explicit detail).

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