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I'm configuring a new dedicated server that is going to run 3 sites, 2 of them are migrating from an old server. Each site has it's own domain and dedicated ip. 2 of this sites are already up and running on php (one of then use cakePHP), the third site is a migration from an old server and it runs on JBoss.

1) Is it possible to have both Jboss and php running on the same Apache instance, or would I have to install a new one?

2) Can I just move the old JBoss server directory to the new server and start the server with the shell script? From what I red here JBoss is distributed as a zip/tgz file with the server structure, so moving it from the old server to the new one should be the same. I want to do this because the old server is already configured, and it have 2 JBoss instances.

I didn't develop this sites and I don't have experience with JBoss. I have some documentation of the site, but it is not much, mostly server structure and the technology they used.

The new server runs on CentOS with CPanel, I have full root access to the server.

This question is similar to this one How can I run JBoss Application Server and Apache on the same server? but there he didn't have a dedicated IP for each domain.

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yes apache is able to provide HTTP services for jboss and PHP in the same instance there should be no problem with it.

Be since then, I suppose you found a solution ?

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