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I currently have mysql clustering up and running. For high scalability is there a way to include either mysql node, data nodes, or management nodes without restarting the entire cluster. I wish to understand how is it implement or is there a documentation I can read. I believe only the latest version can support this. I am running NDB 7.0. I am aware that I am able to add the nodes online, but it requires me perform a rolling restart.

What other approach I can take to implement this without restarting in my network?

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Second link in google points to the MySQL FaQ:

B.10.23: Can I add data nodes to a MySQL Cluster without restarting it?

In MySQL Cluster NDB 7.0 and later, it is possible to add new data nodes to a running MySQL Cluster without taking it offline. For more information, see Section 16.5.12, “Adding MySQL Cluster Data Nodes Online”.

For other types of MySQL Cluster nodes, a rolling restart is all that is required (see Section 16.5.4, “Performing a Rolling Restart of a MySQL Cluster”).

(In MySQL Cluster NDB 6.3 and earlier releases, it was not possible to add new data nodes without shutting down and restarting the MySQL Cluster.)

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