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We have two identical (hardware) drives, each with different firmware. Would it be possible to clone or extract the firmware from one drive to the other? I've not come across any documentation that implies it would be possible, nor have I read anything that states it's not (perhaps because it's a crazy idea on the face of it).


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Why would you want to? I am sure the hard drive vendors must have a way. I know at least Seagate has released firmware updates for their drives, so modifying the firmware is certainly possible in some cases. It sure seems like something you could make a huge mess out if. – Zoredache Mar 23 '12 at 5:56

Some vendors allow this, if they allow updating firmware of hard drives, you can get the tools for it on the vendors website.

If they do not provide the tools I suggest, since this is vendor-dependent, to send them an inquiry.

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