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We have a cyrus 2.4.12 on Debian, we use packages, rather than building each software ourselves.

I am getting the this "log" constantly, a lot of, various users, and 8-10 times per user request:

fetching user_deny.db entry for 'user123'

I have searched for it, but haven't found a real solution, there were some patches for 2.3.xx, but we don't want ot build it, we prefer to use packages.

Is there any solution to disable the user_deny.db at all. We don't need this feature. It wastes the CPU as disk.

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I would switch to syslog-ng and filter out this message by configuring:

filter f_imapd { facility(local6) and level(debug) and not match("regexp" value("fetching user_deny.db entry for")); };

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If you use syslog-ng, you can also try suppress identical messages with suppress configuration option:

options {

In this example identical messages will be logged once per every 30 seconds

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Seems the correct filter syntax is:

filter f_imapd { facility(local6) and not match("fetching user_deny.db entry for" value("MESSAGE")); };
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