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I initially replicated tank/storage1 --> usb1/storage1-slave (depicted below), and then (deliberately) destroyed the snapshot I replicated from. By doing this, did I lose the ability to incrementally (zfs send -i) replicate between these 2 file systems? What's the best way to approach SYNC'ing these file systems after destroying this snapshot?

# zfs list
tank                  128G   100G    23K  /tank
tank/storage1         128G   100G   128G  /tank/storage1
usb1                  122G   563G    24K  /usb1
usb1/storage1-slave   122G   563G   122G  /usb1/storage1-slave
usb1/storage2          21K   563G    21K  /usb1/storage2

What if I initially RSYNC'd tank/storage1 --> usb1/storage1-slave, and decided to incrementally replicate 'via zfs send -i'.

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The -i option to zfs send needs at least one snapshot to send 'starting from' (and optionally a second snapshot as the 'ending at' point). If you have no snapshots, then no more -i.

You can still sync the two using the send command, it's just going to send the whole thing.

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Thanks a lot Chris! – XO01 Mar 26 '12 at 4:18

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