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i have apache already installed and I want to know the right way to install FMS on windows and be able to run the FMS. I have installed FMS but I cannot start it! When I go to windows>programs>adobe>FMS>start fms it does not start the service (I dont see the icon on the bottom right of my screen next to the apache server icon)

how can I connect to admin console. I have port 1935 open but still when I type it does not show anything.

any suggestions is appreciated

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An icon in the system tray is not an indicator of whether a service is running, except in the rare cases where the application provides that. What does services.msc say? – Shane Madden Mar 25 '12 at 23:54
thank you ... I checked services.msc and it shows it running "started" – Khalid Mar 26 '12 at 1:18

The administration console are local html and swf files, found here; C:\Program Files\Adobe\Flash Media Server 4.5\tools\fms_adminConsole.htm

The admin console connect over port 1111 by default, not 1935.

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