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we're using ldap with sssd for the usermanagement, so our users are not in the "/etc/passwd"

Unfortunately, ps just shows the UIDs:

[root@xyz ~]# id jmw
uid=1582(jmw) gid=1582(jmw) groups=1582(jmw), 1000(admins)

[root@xyz ~]# ps aux
[..cutting some output..]
1582      26794 25.0  0.4 190420 38508 ?        S    12:15   0:00 /usr/bin/php-cgi -c php.ini
[..cutting some output..]

How can i poll the username, that belongs to a UID? ( a grep ':1582:' /etc/passwd doesn't work ;-) )

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You want getent:

getent passwd 1582

That'll look up entries via your configured nss config. If you've configured it to use LDAP, then it'll use LDAP.

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