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I would like to add a preliminary authentication stage to an openssh server running on linux. Ideally authentication would happen before even getting to the openssh application itself, or at least before handshakes etc. I will use one-time passwords, so it can even be done over plain text connection.

Is there some standard way I could do this? Thanks.

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What's wrong with the standard S/KEY implementation in OpenSSH? Gentoo Wiki makes it very clear how to use it. Basically you just use skeyinit and skey commands for creating your one-time passwords.

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Thanks it might be helpful to see how I can implement something similar. I would really prefer to have a preliminary step though, as I want to have somewhat better control over it, not like in the S/Key case when simply forgetting to set "UsePAM no" screws everything up... – Roman L Mar 26 '12 at 15:51

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