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I am not sure if this thing exists but... I know there's free code hosting for svn and svc, where each user can download the code from a central repository and update to it.

Me and a couple of friends are using it, but we are also working against a database. This database is installed only my friend's computer, we are currently struggling with connecting to it. Does any of you know of a free SQL Server hosting plan for development purposes (meaning we won't be exceeding any large size) for us to be able to develop against?

Thank you!


Yes, but I need a computer that can host the server on and be accessible to remote requests around the web. Where do I get that? (I am currently trying to adjust my computer in my local LAN to work that way, it's quite complicated though)

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You can download the Express editions for free use. They have limits on data size (4Gb) and processor usage (1 CPU) but they are otherwise adequate for development.

SQL 2008 Express

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There are some very low-price offers, which are almost free. I think you won't find free hosting for SQL Server.

For example, Webhost4Life has a USD 9.95 offer for an ASP.NET/SQL Server 2GB 5 databases. Seems that you can directly connect to the databas using SQL Management Studio from your machines. Or search on for SQL Server hosting.

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I think using Express for commercial hosting is against the EULA, and licensing for the 'proper' versions especially Enterprise is a lot of money. Thus it won't be free.

Your best bet is really to get your network configured appropriately and use Express.

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You can use sql express for commercial hosting, it used to be the case that you couldn't but they removed this from the EUAL -… – Sam Jul 7 '09 at 21:44