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I have a few websites that I can't ping from within the server it's on, but other websites that share the same IP I can. I can view and ping all applications outside of the server. The IP is correct and pings correctly outside the application. GoDaddy has the correct DNS for the domain names. Does anyone know what is going on?


This is on a cloud server and after adding the decicated IPs back to the network adapter, it started to work.

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I'll assume you meant "I can't ping the IP address for the websites". If you are pinging the domain name used for the site and not getting a response, then you'd need to look to see where that domain name resolves to. (ie..what IP address it is pointed to). Though it is possible that the server is resolving to an external IP (say on the internet) and that IP is pointed to the servers internal IP using NAT thought some sort of appliance (firewall. ISA etc). In which case, your firewall might not respond to request to "ping" this external IP. (there are a variety of other reasons it might not work either).

Start with the IPs and go from there. I'd bet you answer is there. But your question really needs to be more clear.

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