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I have several DBS on the same mysql server. The DBS's structure and schema are exactly the same (only data is different)

the query on certain db works well like this (written in phpmyadmin)

UPDATE  `mdl_modules` SET `visible`=0 
WHERE `name` IN ("survey","feedback","audio","testing")

I thought it could be something like that:

UPDATE `db_name1`.`mdl_modules`, `db_name2`.`mdl_modules`,`db_name3`.`mdl_modules`
SET `visible`=0  WHERE `name` 
IN ("survey","feedback","audio","testing")

but this doesn't work and I get an error of course I have more that 3 dbs..


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Use transactions.

  UPDATE  `db_name1`.`mdl_modules` SET `visible`=0 
    WHERE `name` IN ("survey","feedback","audio","testing");
  UPDATE  `db_name2`.`mdl_modules` SET `visible`=0 
    WHERE `name` IN ("survey","feedback","audio","testing");
  UPDATE  `db_name3`.`mdl_modules` SET `visible`=0 
    WHERE `name` IN ("survey","feedback","audio","testing");
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Hey Thanks a lot That's exactly what I was looking for. it worked. Thank you! –  Miki A Mar 27 '12 at 8:56
Is there Any way to do it in One sentence? –  Miki A Mar 27 '12 at 9:03

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