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i need to mount via AFP an HFS+ partition (Mac) and Backup it to an external drive, using Ubuntu. The problem is that in Nautilus i can 'view' the drive using afp:\myserver_ip but when i launch a backup tool, like gRsync or LuckyBackup or anyothers, i can't view the partition!

How to do ?

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can you read the content? if so your best option is going to be to use rsync to create your backups across the network.

Most likely gRsync && LuckyBackup have an internal restriction on what filesystems they will support, try a simply rsync such as: rsync -gioprtuv --progress /path/to/hfs /path/to/mounted/afp/share and see how you get on. All being well you can then use a simple bash script to kick off an incremental copy, if you want to instead provide retentive and separate backups explore the rsync --backup options.

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See this link on mounting AFP shares in ubuntu. Your backup programs don't "see" the share because it's not presented to them as a (local) filesystem.

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