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I am trying to mount remote server partition to put backup. I already have th perl script to take backup of data. I trying to add the mount command in the script. The below is the script, Please guide me how to do it.

If I run it on console it works and as well as with bash script. If I run this with perl its show mount error.

system ("mount -t cifs //\ folders /mnt/Backup/ -o,password=12345@0312");
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You need either to escape the backslash using \\ and @ using \@ (in this specific case, no need to escape the @ as it is followed by a digit. If it is followed by a letter, it will be considered as array).

system ("mount -t cifs //\\ folders /mnt/Backup/ -o,password=12345\@0312");

, or use single quotes:

system ('mount -t cifs //\ folders /mnt/Backup/ -o,password=12345@0312');
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I tried with second one, It worked. Thanks ton buddy. :-) – Caterpillar Mar 28 '12 at 8:46

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