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I'm trying to perform password quality checks using pwqcheck (part of passwdq) in webmin.

Unfortunately when I set in "Users and Groups" module settings the "External password-checking program" to the same value that works for samba check password script:

/usr/bin/pwqcheck -1

I get following error when I try to create a user (named test-user):

Failed to save user : pwqcheck: Error parsing parameter "test-user": Invalid parameter

So, How do I configure Webmin together with pwqcheck?

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It was caused by two related issues.

Webmin allows to set how the password and login is passed to the application (as a paramter or on standard input). This the Pass username and password to program option. That's the main reason for the error mentioned in OP.

Unfortunately it isn't possible to specify what and in which order the information is passed to the application -- that's the second problem --, it is hard-coded to either

$application "$login" "$password"

or as lines passed to standard input in the same order. Both of them are unsuitable for use with pwqcheck. With either option it is quite easy to write a wrapper though.

Provided script is for login and password on stdin:


read login
read password

/usr/bin/pwqcheck -1 <<_EOF_
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