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I'm looking to tune my query cache a bit. According to Query Cache Status and Maintenance in the manual:

The Com_select value is given by this formula: Qcache_inserts + Qcache_not_cached + queries with errors found during the column-privileges check

However in 5.1.5. Server Status Variables it suggests that this is maintained by the DBMS. Having said that

mysql> show status like 'Com_select%';

Always returns a value of 1 - and I'm pretty sure I've run more than one non-cached select query on my database since it started.

It looks as if other people are similarly confused.

Is this status variable redundant? Which bit of the manual is wrong?


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The command

show status like 'Com_select%';

is at the session level. You probably want the server level.


show global status like 'Com_select';
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Thanks Rolando - that explains why I was getting a value of 1, but the value I do get is approx 10 times Qcache_inserts + Qcache_not_cached (and I don't think 90% of my queries are failing) – symcbean Mar 29 '12 at 10:57

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