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I think this is the place to ask this. If not, sorry, I intended to ask the right people.

I have a new dedicated server that came with CentOS that I put Apache, MySQL, and PHP on as well as webmin. I was wondering if there are any basic things I should look at (like "every server should have x on it"). Should I use webmin to update all the software packages it says there are updates for? I have used linux a bit and compiled kernels before but I am not really comfortable doing it on an install that I care if it messes up. Will webmin take care of that all by itself or should I leave it alone?

Note: This server is not being used right now so restarting it is not an issue.

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Webmin does very little on its own. While it can be configured to look for updates (and even install them I believe), it is not its default behavior. I'm not sure about the rest of your question, it is a bit vague. I can say this: yes, you should do software updates.

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Well in the update section it gives a button that says "Update selected packages." As far as the rest, sorry for being vague. I just meant like if there are things people with experience would know should be installed that aren't obvious like mysql or php. –  qitch Mar 28 '12 at 18:10
Yes, you can update packages from Webmin, but generally I prefer to work faster so I use the command line. –  gparent Mar 28 '12 at 18:11

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