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I just installed Cherokee and gave it a try. I'm pretty impressed with it. The configuration of the server is certainly a new approach and I must say that I generaly like it (surprisingly). Do you have any experience with it? Is it reliable?

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I installed it a few days back. Have not played with it yet. – Alan Haggai Alavi Jul 8 '09 at 1:11

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I have implemented Cherokee at various sites and from the beginning it outperformed Apache, and gave a great administrator interface that everyone can use but requires a little read up regarding the rule evaluation. All problems are taken serious by the community, even the ones that are extremely hard to reproduce.

The highest uptime I had was around 50 days, and then I wanted to have the new release so I restarted it gracefully without any service window.

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Still recommend it over Niginx? – BigSack Aug 22 '13 at 13:37

I have two production servers running Cherokee under CentOS 5.3 without trouble for more than a month. I recommend it, works wonderful!

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I totally recommend it.

I've personally seen how Cherokee fixed a whole lot of performance issues, at the same time that it made administration tasks much easier and straightforward.

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We run Cherokee on our Slicehost production instances and our development and staging machines. We have it fronting web2py and for that purpose it is fantastic. Fast, reliable, easy to configure once you understand how it differs from what you know, like Apache.

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I have many Cherokee installation as well, mostly with Wordpress and Drupal but lately I installed one with Django. So far it has been working flawlessly along with memcached with 25-50k requests per day, which is not very high but I am working on a multiple locations and CDN project that is going to be 250k+ request per day and Cherokee will most likely be our main http server. On top of that the administration has never been easier. I also recommend it.

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I'm using Cherokee as well and serve Wordpress (php fastcgi), Django (uWSGI) and Ruby on Rails (spawn-fgci) based projects on a cheap Rackspacecloud Server. It works perfect, I never had a Cherokee-related issue.

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I have found it very impressive. The support for streaming and geoip is very helpful.

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I'm running Cherokee since June on an Ubuntu dedicated server hosting my Web site called (mainly PERL scripts and JavaScript): it's quite fantastic for both speed and reliability points of vue !

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I use cherokee to host Django applications. Very stable and easy to deploy common apps

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I am using Cherokee as main http server in two servers for more than a year (php fcgi, recently php-fpm). Never failed me, seriously.

Server issues are resolved quickly, support is superior!

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