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I posted this question on stackoverflow, but I think it would be better here.

I configured SSRS 2008 on a remote server running under Network Service. I can access the report manager from my local machine using http://SERVER_NAME/Reports_INSTANCE_NAME

Problem is that when I try to deploy a report from BIDS, I get the "reporting services login" dialog box that asks me for user and password. I try my AD user and it doesn't work.

I already added myself to all possible roles, including System Administrator.

I saw online that the problem maybe with the IIS website that must be configured to allow anonymous access. That's fine, but where can I configure that since SSRS2008 doesn't create the websites on IIS anymore (also read that online) and I don't seem to have this possibility using the Reports Service Configuration Manager

I already tried:

  • Removing RSWindowsNegotiate setting from rsreportserver.config
  • Configure report server to run under my own account
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So the accepted answer over on SO is incorrect? – Joshua Drake Apr 10 '12 at 13:51

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