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I host 40+ sites on a single server, each site being it's own Joomla installation (managed by a central distribution system, of course). Every site is in it's own directory, /var/www/<site>. Some sites have their own domains, which are configured by defining VirtualHosts.

Most sites don't have their own domains, but rather use a subdirectory under my main domain as their url, http://mysite.fi/<site>

I also have one main site that handles every request to /, this is located at /var/www/main. So currently when user requests http://mysite.fi they're redirected to http://mysite.fi/main.

I would like for this to be transparent. When user requests a valid http://mysite.fi/<site> they should of course see that site. But if they request http://mysite.fi/mainsitearticle that request should then go to the site at /var/www/main, and it should remain transparent so that the user's URL doesn't change.

One way that this result is possible to implement with correct results is by symlinking everything under /var/www/main directly to /var/www, so the sever actually thinks there's a Joomla living at /var/www. But this isn't a very elegant solution.

To recap what I want:


http://mysite.fi/kiwi/ -> /var/www/kiwi/
http://mysite.fi/apple/ -> /var/www/apple/
http://mysite.fi/apple/somearticle -> /var/www/apple/ (*)
http://berry.fi/ -> /var/www/berry/
http://mysite.fi/ -> /var/www/base/
http://mysite.fi/some_article_name -> /var/www/base/ (*)
http://mysite.fi/images/thelogo.png -> /var/www/base/images/thelogo.png

(* = final request handled by Joomla's .htaccess mod_rewrite rules)

So what would be the elegant way to configure this behaviour?

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Assuming you are using apache2 and have mod_alias and mod_rewrite enabled

Something like the following in the main virtualhost should work:

# folders in /var/www/ are case sensitive and can only contain a-zA-Z0-9 or hyphen (-)
# Anything else is redirected 'home'

AliasMatch     ^/([[:alnum:]\-]+)(/?.*)    /var/www/$1

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond    /var/www/$1                  !-d
RewriteRule    ^/([[:alnum:]\-]+)(/?.*)    http://mysite.fi/ [L,R]  # Doesn't match a directory in /var/www -- redirect home

The AliasMatch line may need some tweaking depending on what you allow in your sub-folder names.

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