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I have this little problem on my server. Few times a week my server goes down for few minutes (2-3). All i could see was that every time one of the php-fpm processes is on 100% in top. As well as that our drive has a little write spike (by little i mean 4M throughput on 3disk SSD array.)

Server is running on NGINX + FPM, LEMP server. It has 24Cores, 48G RAM and 3xSSD's RAID5 array.

I have checked the error logs and other logs too, and there does not seem anything I could cache on ... It's been happening for over a week now, and I am starting to get worried.

Anyone have had any similar problems ? or could point me to some direction ? That would be lovely. Cheers.

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Enable PHP-FPM's slow log. This would dump a stack trace of your application whenever it runs longer then X seconds (I believe this defaults to 10).

It's impossible for anyone to tell you what is actually causing the issue with just the information given so far. I can tell you it's almost certain some code in the application you are running.

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cheers, I ll try doing that. – Katafalkas Mar 30 '12 at 13:26
awesome advice, works like a charm, much <3 – Katafalkas Apr 3 '12 at 9:08

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