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I'm attempting to use OpenNHRP on a linux box to connect with a Cisco Router.

I want to allow GRE tunnels from the linux box to the Cisco router dynamically, but I'm not implementing DMVPN on the Cisco router.

I keep receiving the [Peer up script failed Exit Status: 1] error from OpenNHRP, which I've learned is due to no SA being negotiated.

I don't think I need an SA since I'm doing these GRE tunnels in the clear, and wondering whether anyone knew a way around this, or another way to do NHRP peers from a linux box.


interface gre1
  map register cisco

Cisco Router

interface tunnel10
ip address
no ip redirects
ip mtu 1400
ip nhrp map multicast
ip nhrp network-id 2
tunnel source
tunnel mode gre multipoint

My GRE tunnels work fine when I statically assign endpoints to the GRE tunnels, but I need them to be dynamic for this situation.


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