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I am troubleshooting an issue regarding the LinkedIn social connector for Outlook (32 bit.)

The email server an on site 2003 Exchange server. The email clients are Outlook 2010.

I installed the LinkedIn social connector for Outlook. After installing it, contacts pictures show up in the people pane, but no updates/news feed are displayed. I installed the Facebook social connector for Outlook, and everything appears to be displayed – pictures and updates/news feed.

I configured Outlook on a test PC with a POP3 mail account, and I added the LinkedIn account and all of the data is populating, so I wonder if something on the Exchange server could be blocking data.

Has anyone else had this issue? Any idea how to get the LinkedIn updates/news feed to appear?

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Your Exchange Admins (or Windows Admins) are probably using Group Policy to block social network activity synchronization. See: "Blocking social network activity synchronization" from Microsft's website "How to manage the Outlook Social Connector by using Group Policy" (Article ID: 2020103).

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