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My problem seems to be identical to the question ssh hangs on "Last login" line , but the questions author did not post a solution.

So basically: - I can login - I can see the successful login via sftp in auth.log aswell as the logout after some time. - I can see the last login info and a command line - The command line is not responsive to any input - Every other service (apache, mysql, mail, etc.) is running fine - I waited for more than 10 mins, but it does not seem to be delay problem

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance! Carsten

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What is in your .bashrc .bash_profile .profile file? –  cstamas Apr 1 '12 at 20:38
You could also try passing a command to ssh to execute eg ssh host /usr/bin/id. There could be a problem with login shell (like broken .bashrc). –  kupson Apr 1 '12 at 21:03

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sounds like you have a MTU/packet fragmentation problem... for example your MTU size maybe exceeded the max packet size for your network.

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Is it by any chance a Dell system? Could you try 'ssh -T' or something like 'ssh myhost bash -i'? If yes that could be a bug attributed by some people to C-State switchen problems with some Intel CPUs or something different.

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