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I have done some googling and I cannot figure out how to install Jenkins on Arch Linux. Can anyone give me some step by step instructions?

I have a webserver running already using Nginx, With php-fpm

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Jenkins is a java app.

On Ubuntu, the dependencies are:

$ apt-cache depends jenkins
  Depends: daemon
  Depends: adduser
  Depends: psmisc
  Depends: <java2-runtime>
  Conflicts: <hudson>
  Replaces: <hudson>

So, minimally, you'll need to get a Java 2 JRE on your Arch installation, and then proceed to manually configure Jenkins if there's no available package.

The nginx/PHP-FPM doesn't matter. You can use nginx to proxy the Jenkins server web GUI, but the PHP side of things certainly doesn't matter for basic Jenkins.

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Thanks! I have it working now! – Knight Hawk3 Apr 2 '12 at 1:17

Like this :

cower -d jenkins
cd jenkins
makepkg -si
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