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I have this record of a csv:

"","456281438","16274","782981244047720"," ","<table cellpadding=""0"" cellspacing=""0"" border=""0"" width=""100%"" align=""center"" style=""font-size:0;""><tr>","","","","",""

I need to fill a file until I reach a specified size of the file. I would use a simple loop putting in append the same row. Is there a way with echo to just write this line including every " encountered?

If I use echo -e I got

eianni@ianni-desktop:~/Desktop$ echo -e "","456281438","16274","782981244047720"," ","<table cellpadding=""0"" cellspacing=""0"" border=""0"" width=""100%"" align=""center"" style=""font-size:0;""><tr>","","","","","",456281438,16274,782981244047720, ,<table cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 border=0 width=100% align=center style=font-size:0;><tr>,,,,,
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You can prevent bash from processing the quotes by wrapping the whole argument to echo in single-quotes.
echo -e '"0258327... .."",""' should do the trick.

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lika a charm, thanks – dierre Apr 2 '12 at 16:21

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