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My development machine is Windows. I use the htpasswd program that is part of the Windows XAMPP package, version 1.7.7, to generate a Windows Apache password file.

C:\xampp\apache\bin\htpasswd.exe -bc .htpasswd usename password

I need to generate a password file for a Redhat Linux machine but have no access to the htpasswd program on that machine. If I can generate a valid Linux Apache passwd on Windows then I can FTP it over to the Linux system.

The htpasswd documentation says that I can use the -d flag to force crypt() encryption which should work on Linux instead of the default MD5 encryption that works on Windows.

My problem is that

C:\xampp\apache\bin\htpasswd.exe -bcd .htpasswd usename password

generates a file but gives a message which says "Automatically using MD5 format".

How do I generate a valid Apache password file for a Linux machine from a Windows PC?

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Apache on Linux will work happily with MD5 password hashes. – larsks Apr 2 '12 at 14:43

You can use an online tool such as this to get the job done.

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