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I've been using the nmap tool on my Windows machine to ping my Uni house home network range using the following command:

nmap -sn 

I had no problems with this and it was only taking 5-10 seconds to complete. Since I've returned home for Easter (different home/network) I've tried to use the command again (albeit this time with a different subnet address

nmap -sn

and it is taking around 50 seconds+ to do the same.

I just checked a simple nmap -sn and that is taking around 12 seconds...

Does anyone know why this could be? Some bad network setup or something? I'm pretty baffled at the moment but maybe i've missed something simple..

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Do you administer this network ? – mfinni Apr 3 '12 at 19:33
Yeah, they are both my home networks (& apologies for posting on wrong site) – Bernard Apr 4 '12 at 13:59

nmap tries to scan your network for live IPs addresses and ports. If there are more live IPs in your subnet, nmap will finish sooner. This is because it is faster to say there is a live host with IP than to say there is no live host with the IP

So, it should be normal to get different times for different subnets.

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