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I have three machines on my network, two are windows xp and one is windows 7. i would like to have all three machines log a user off if they are on for more than 60 minutes. And I would like this to be applied to the machine not on a per user basis, because I do not want this policy to apply to those users on any other machine. I have installed winexit.scr on one of the machines but the problem is that I cannot change the default value of 10 minutes for the screensaver because that is controlled through group policy, and I cannot seem to find where to change that through group policy on a per machine basis NOT on a per user basis. If I have left out any details I apologize please let me know anything that is needed

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You can setup scheduled task which starts after being idle for certain time and runs shutdown standard utility to logoff.

In Control Panel, go to Administrative tasks and invoke Task Scheduler. Create a new task (not simple), trigger it by being Idle and set conditions on appropriate tab. For action choose Start program: shutdown with arguments /l /f. Save and activate the task.

But be careful - it will run automatically and any unsaved changes in any opened program would be lost.

This way works well under Win2000/2003/2008/Vista/Windows 7. For Win XP you need to use third-party tools, like PsShutdown from Sysinternals. Add the task in similar way (don't use the wizard but open Scheduled Task folder in Explorer and add it manually).

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